Storytelling for insights, or stats? Qual or quant?


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Research is...

Research is reducing the risk in business decisions: price, product, distribution and marketing. Research is being able to tell your audience who’s ahead in the election and who’s not – and why. Research is understanding how well – or poorly – public policy programs and marketing communications are working. Daves & Associates Research is … research!

Sophisticated. Rigorous. Valuable.

Daves & Associates researchers know qualitative research, such as focus groups, and quantitative research, especially surveys and experimental field designs. And we know how to apply them to give your business or organization the competitive edge. We don’t just do research; we help you solve problems. We provide expertise leaders can use to create action plans for strategic direction, for marketing and advertising campaigns, for product development, and for pricing strategies.

Our work

Public opinion polling. Segmentation analysis. Message testing. Usability testing. Sophisticated statistical analysis. Audience segmentation. Staff development. Consulting. We're your research staff.

How we've helped organizations like yours

Helped large, national organizations do program evaluations • Conducted extremely accurate news media polling • Helped webmasters understand their visitors using segmentation studies and usability testing • Used eyetracking and other qualitative investigations to help webmasters redesign more effective web sites • Helped newspapers improve the profitability and readership of specialized sections • Conducted survey methodology seminars for state government agencies • Through in-depth interviews, helped a not-for-profit agency understand how people think about problem gambling • Through “disaster-check” focus groups, helped a company avoid a serious rebranding mistake